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  • All Things Considered (National Public Radio) “I think the lightbulb moment for me was when I discovered that remittances — the sums that migrants send home — were three times the world's foreign aid budgets combined.”

  • The News Hour (PBS) “Migration was the farthest thing from my mind. “Migration was more than a source of income it was ultimately a vehicle of transformation or salvation for this family.”

  • Diane Rehm, “On My Mind” (WAMU) “Migration is to the Philippines what cars once were too Detroit. It’s the civil religion.”


  • “A sweeping, deeply reported tale of international migration …. refreshingly clear-eyed and nuanced.” —The New York Time Book Review

  • A  “riveting, multigenerational tale…. packed with insights.” —Carlos Lozada, The Washington Post

  • “A remarkable book…. Indispensable.” —David Shribman, The Boston Globe

  • “Extraordinary, moving…[a] stunning new book.…captures so much about global migration: the necessity, the pride, the heartbreak.” —The Christian Science Monitor

  • “DeParle is our Virgil on a tour of this harsh, globally interdependent, paradox-filled system of exploitation and hope…enrapture[s] readers.” —The StarTribune (Minneapolis)

  • “Remarkable…a journey that starts in a one-room shanty open to rats and rain and ends on cul-de-sac in a newly constructed Texas City subdivision…” —The Washington Monthly

  • “Profoundly wise, insightful, and eloquent.” —The National Book Review

  • “Gorgeously written, uniquely insightful.” —Kirkus Reviews (Starred review)

  • “Captivating…DeParle excels in both intimate details and sweeping scale.” —Publisher’s Weekly (Starred review)

  • “A remarkably intimate look at migration’s impact on both a single family and the global community.’’ —Booklist (Starred review)

  • “A remarkably creative, enlightening, and empathetic book…” —Library Journal (Starred review)

  • A “years-in-the-making, panoramic story…A humane epic of real people in search of better lives.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer

  • “A fascinating narrative of female empowerment against the merciless machine of globalization…DeParle’s decency feels like a balm in an era when the rhetoric—not to mention the policies—surrounding immigration has become so toxic.” —The Texas Monthly

  • A milestone in the literature on migration and global development.’’ —Dilip Ratha, World Bank’s People Move Blog