8/20: Migration Policy Institute

Washington, D.C.

Jason, Dilip Ratha (Head of KNOMAD and Lead Economist, Migration and Remittances Team, Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice, The World Bank) and Andrew Selee (President, MPI) chat at the Migration Policy Institute on pub day. Learn more here.

8/23: Policics and Prose

Washington, D.C.

Jason speaks about A GOOD PROVIDER IS ONE WHO LEAVES, accepting audience questions, and signing books. Learn more here.

9/10: American Enterprise Institute

Washington, D.C.

Jason appears at the American Enterprise Institute in DC at 3PM with Michael Clemens (Center for Global Development) and Stan Veuger (AEI.) Learn more here.

9/10: Solid State Books

Washington, D.C.

See Jason at Solid State Books for a talk and signing, in conversation with Cecilia Munoz (New America.) Learn more here.

Meet Jason at City Seminary in New York City (6-8PM.) Learn more here.

9/24: City Seminary of New York

New York, NY

Jason joins scholars and Russell Sage Foundation staff members for a seminar and lunch. Learn more here.

9/25: Russell Sage Foundation

New York, NY

Find Jason at 101 Constitution in an event hosted by Spotlight on Poverty. Learn more here.

10/8: Spotlight on Poverty Event

Washington, D.C.

Jason will be joining writers from all over the country in Nashville for the Southern Festival of Books. Learn more here.

10/11-10/13: Southern Festival of Books

Nashville, TN

Asia Society Texas Center and the National Immigration Forum present a conversation with Jason and Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum. They’ll be discussing how global migration has impacted and contributed to the Greater Houston area. Learn more here.

10/24: Asia Society

Houston, TX

Jason will be joining more than 300 authors at The Texas Book Festival. Learn more here.

10/26-10/27: Texas Book Festival

Austin, TX

The DeWitt Wallace Center will be hosting Jason for a lunch talk and public evening event. Learn more here.

11/11: The DeWitt Wallace Center (Duke University)

Durham, NC